In this short tutorial you will learn how to set-up a Master as part of your Axure prototype. The tutorial is suitable for an app, mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop experience.


Masters are useful when creating a piece of content, such a main menu, that will be repeated across multiple wireframes.

Once they’re set up, you can drag and drop your master onto any wireframe either into a locked or changeable location. If you need to make any changes, masters allow you to make that change in one location without having to update, potentially, many many wireframes.

Watch the tutorial here:

More about Axure

Axure RP is a feature-rich interface design tool that has quickly become a popular tool-of-choice in the User Experience Design and Research industry.  It allows you to create accurate, high-fidelity prototypes of applications and website services quickly and with no coding skills.

Axure has set itself apart from other prototyping packages due to its interactive functionality including its ability to create a clickable prototype, thus being able to simulate a ‘real’ or future product using an interactive wireframe.

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