Case Study


BT Group


Banking, Superannuation

Primary Brief

BT’s online Self-managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) application was experiencing high drop-offs during the application process as well as overall low completion rates. Expiriti was engaged to redesign and optimise the user experience for SMSF applications

Our work on this project

Process undertaken

Our recommended approach to any form redesign is:

  • Identify the audience, their goals, attitudes, behaviours and journeys related to the form (both offline and online)
  • Form audit. Yes, it’s drab and laborious as it sounds. However, an audit of every field within the form yields a treasure trove of critical data for the redesign. Each field is broken down further into its owner, the benefit of the field’s data to both customer and stakeholder, if the field is collected at another stage in the application as well as the data that it feeds downstream in the application.
  • Fields are also reviewed for opportunities to populate automatically without the need for customer effort.
  • And most importantly, the qualification rules for users of the form. In other words, what will the customer need to complete the form?
  • Engage copywriters to ensure tone of voice and language is consistent from website to form.
  • Design a clickable prototype. Review with stakeholders
  • Review the form with Legal and Compliance teams.
  • Usability testing of  the prototype with representatives of the audience segments
  • Final refinements post-testing
  • Documentation and hand over to developers

Optimising user flows

Once the qualification rules were established, a “What you’ll need to have handy…” page was designed to pre-qualify customers before they attempted to complete the form.

This involved reviewing and optimising user task flows for each audience segment (individual or entity) that would attempt the application. Segments were found to be at various stages in the SMSF process. For example, some were well advanced with a Trust Deed already drawn up. Others had not even registered the ABN of the new fund.

All of this information was critical to designing the preliminary qualifier [page as well as informing customers what they needed to do before coming back to apply.

Clickable prototype (Interactive wireframes)

A first iteration of a clickable prototype of the new SMSF application form was designed. After reviewing the design with stakeholders, copywriters and legal teams, the form was then subjected to usability testing.

Final documentation and performance result

After formative usability testing, where the design was iteratively updated on the discovery of common usability issues, the prototype was converted into an annotated technical specification document and handed over to in-house developers.

After launch, it was pleasing to report that the completion rate for online SMSF applications had, in fact, doubled as a result of the redesign.