Case Study


Flexera Software


Software, Technology, Licensing Compliance

Primary Brief

Flexera Software is a multi-national provider of vendor licensing compliancy software, with their software development team of over 50 developers based in Melbourne. Flexera needed to transform their current design and development methodologies to be more user-centred, as well as apply UX processes to their current agile methodology.

Our work on this project

Talk about a fantastic bunch of people! We had engineers, development managers, UX leads, and directors all taking time out for the training over a period of 2 weeks.

Happy and unhappy paths

There was much debate during our coverage of user flows.

But amidst the ruckus, was a defining principle that emerged about assumptions, and how user task flows are critical to:

  • understanding project scope,
  • they allow us to both visualise and optimise interaction,
  • as well as the paradox of flows being harder to define when the subject is well-known to us (that is, when you’re a little too close to the subject matter)

Interaction design

Interaction design and creating wireframes is hard enough without having other people then try and use our designs!

The joystick-operated car proved to be a hit and it never fails to entertain seeing what crazy (and sometimes delightful!) dashboard interfaces emerge from this activity.

“Live” usability testing

We completed a whole learning module about conducting usability testing. This covered persona-based recruitment, creating test plans and scripts, as well as qualitative and quantitative measurement and reporting. The highlight was bringing in an actual customer of the company where we ran a live usability testing session in front of all the attendees (though, we do not recommend trying this at home!

Agile UX workshop

Importantly, the on-site training needed to be embedded into an existing Agile methodology. Our workshop on the last day looked at minimum viable products and backlog, design Vs. development sprints, and how research and usability testing can be applied in this company’s agile environment.

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