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This course has been specifically designed for Axure designers who are looking to take their prototyping to the next level.

The training builds upon the advanced prototype skills learned in UXD202 Advanced interactive prototyping using Axure.

You will learn more advanced prototyping skills such as complex gestures, calculators, advanced condition builders, Web Fonts and generating Annotated Wireframe documents.

This course also introduces the theory and skills for using Axure Team Projects. Built upon the SVN technology, Axure Team Projects allow design teams to share a single hosted prototype as well as checking in and out single pages, masters and even branches.


1-day intensive (offered on weekdays, Saturdays or across several evenings)

You will learn

  • Introduction to prototyping with Web Fonts.
  • Advanced gestures and interactions: Long Press, Drag-and-drop.
  • Advanced Axure variables and conditions for enhanced mobile prototypes.
  • Using variables for advanced prototypes that emulate key user roles and access levels.
  • Build a calculator experience using advanced variables and operators.
  • Group prototyping: Create, share, check-in and check out with Axure Team Projects.
  • Advanced Repeater techniques: Adding, editing and removing table and list-based content.
  • Using Axure for advanced communication design: GEL for Style Governance, annotated wireframes, Custom fields and the Specification Document Generator.

Additional information

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

What our past attendees say

James Macpherson
“Mike is an outstanding lecturer. Every lecture was hands on – class participation is what Mike’s classes were all about. More often than not, real life scenarios were explained and broken down by Mike to help us understand concepts – his wealth of industry experience is clear when he teaches.”