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At the very centre of user experience design is the content. Users seek out content to achieve their goals. Interactivity, (despite the often over-emphasis on technology, animations and platforms) is just the vehicle that we use to deliver what users need: content!

From content strategy, to navigation design, through to search experiences: Information Architecture (IA) is critical to usable and engaging user experiences.

This course covers the required learning and skills for discovering, designing and testing information architecture.  This 1-day intensive is ideal for anyone looking to build upon their existing Web/Interaction design, producer, BA, developer or copywriter skills.


1-day intensive (offered on weekdays, Saturdays or across several evenings)

You will learn

  • Introduction to Information Architecture (IA), its origins and many benefits.
  • The central role of IA in experience design, way finding and content strategy.
  • Converting user stories into a content strategy.
  • Content inventories: No guts no glory!
  • Primary content entities and their attributes: Identifying and designing the “atoms” of your content.
  • Testing IA using open and closed card sorting.
  • User-centred navigation design: The View, Do and Who principle.
  • Testing navigation using Tree studies.
  • Expert Navigation reviews using the navigation stress test.
  • Understanding and designing a Search experience.
  • Designing a pervasive and multi-channel IA for every touchpoint in your customer’s journey.
  • Open workshop: applying the learnings from course when you get back to your organisation or project.

Additional information

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

What our past attendees say

Jarryd Smith
“Mike’s thorough planning and structure of UX lectures gave me an accelerated understanding of all major UX Techniques. Thanks to this, I now take a more user centred approach to everything that I design. His constructive guidance nurtures students and helps them to achieve their potentials. Mike’s generous donation of time has been well-received from all students and has provided many a great launch pad into this competitive industry. Mike’s taste in music also gets my stamp of approval.”