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This course teaches hands-on principles and skills for interaction design. It is ideal for anyone looking to gain a working knowledge of digital and UX design, or to expand upon existing print and graphic design skills.

You will learn key concepts and skills such as grids, and low-to-high fidelity wireframe design.

Each technical skill is taught within the context of a ‘real-life’ UX design scenario.


1-day intensive (offered on weekdays, Saturdays or across several evenings)

You will learn

  • Interaction design principles and designing for optimal usability.
  • Understanding and using patterns for consistency and usability.
  • Poka-yoke design principles and strategies for reducing ‘user error’.
  • Creating and communicating User Flows and interactive logic.
  • The Grid system for digital design.
  • Applying C.R.A.P (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity) to UX design.
  • Theory and techniques for maximising visual affordance in UX Design.
  • Patterns for navigation design.
  • Landing page, List (category) page and detail page design.
  • Paper prototyping and co-design skills.
  • Using Sketch App to create high-fidelity wireframes

Additional information

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

What our past attendees say:

James Macpherson
“Mike is an outstanding lecturer. Every lecture was hands on – class participation is what Mike’s classes were all about. More often than not, real life scenarios were explained and broken down by Mike to help us understand concepts – his wealth of industry experience is clear when he teaches.”