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This course teaches the knowledge and skills to run usability testing sessions and accurately measure and report the findings and recommendations.

You will learn about the different types of usability testing as well as which scenarios are conducive to each type.

The course will be held at Expiriti UX’s office in Sydney which includes a usability lab, 2-way mirrored observation room and eye tracking equipment that students will use as part of the training.


1-day intensive (offered on weekdays, Saturdays or across several evenings)

You will learn

  • Introduction to usability testing and its role in product and service design.
  • Formative Vs. Summative usability testing (and when to use which).
  •  Workshop: Creating usability test scripts for objective, accurate and insightful results.
  •  Recruiting and screening respondents for your testing sessions.
  •  Quantitative UX measurement: System Usability Scale (SUS), error rates and completion scores.
  •  Combining generative and qualitative research with usability testing.
  •  Setting up a usability lab for desktop or mobile interface testing.
  •  Compiling a Usability Testing Results, Findings & Recommendations Report.

Additional information

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

What our past attendees say

Jarryd Smith
“Mike’s thorough planning and structure of UX lectures gave me an accelerated understanding of all major UX Techniques. Thanks to this, I now take a more user centred approach to everything that I design. His constructive guidance nurtures students and helps them to achieve their potentials. Mike’s generous donation of time has been well-received from all students and has provided many a great launch pad into this competitive industry. Mike’s taste in music also gets my stamp of approval.