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This course introduces the theory and practical skills required for UX researchers.

The course is ideal for anyone looking to gain a working knowledge of UX research, or apply it to a new or existing digital product.

Each theoretical module is followed by a practical workshop or activity where you will put the learning into practice. Attendees will also have the opportunity to use the in-house research lab and recording equipment for their mock interviews.


1-day intensive (offered on weekdays, Saturdays or across several evenings)

You will learn

  • The origins and benefits of user research.
  • Introduction to Qualitative research methods
  • User interviews using the dBAG (Demographics, Behaviour, Attitudes, Goals) framework.
  • Learn how to complete a Heuristic Competitor Analysis.
  • The importance of Contextual Enquiry (field research).
  • Qualitative (small sample) audience segmentation.
  • Creating User Personas from qualitative studies.
  • Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Waivers, opt-in forms and other document templates needed when researching users.
  • Workshop: How to ‘do user Research’ with limited budget and project approval. Students will have the opportunity to share the challenges in their own career situations for consulting user research, where the instructor will assist in share their experience for introducing user research in diverse environments.

Additional information

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

What our past attendees say

Jarryd Smith
“Mike’s thorough planning and structure of UX lectures gave me an accelerated understanding of all major UX Techniques. Thanks to this, I now take a more user centred approach to everything that I design. His constructive guidance nurtures students and helps them to achieve their potentials. Mike’s generous donation of time has been well-received from all students and has provided many a great launch pad into this competitive industry. Mike’s taste in music also gets my stamp of approval.