We recently shared our Sydney usability lab with one of Australia’s best-known UX teams.

A mission-critical FinTech interface was tested across eight respondents using a remotely-hosted desktop website.

Key to Expiriti’s approach to research services is our flexibility to gain the most insight for our clients.

This week’s engagement was no different, and we were happy to customise the setup of our lab configuration and eye tracking system to enable tracking of software on a secure and remote PC that was accessed via a virtual machine.

Our lab and studio was a central hub for the UX consultants, our research assistants, their client and other stakeholders who attended to observe.

Behind the one-way mirror, this was one cohesive group of partners, all striving to gain the important insights that usability testing and eye tracking can provide to new digital initiatives.


We’re very excited that our humble lab here in Sydney is fast becoming a place where our clients, partner agencies and students of UX can foster innovation, new ideas and insight into designing amazing digital experiences.

Interested in having a quick chat about using our lab? Please send us a message or call +61 2 8937 0818