It’s never too early for Usability Testing

In the same way that it’s never too early to start Usability testing, it’s never to early to learn how to do it! Students from Torrens University’s graduate UX programme were recently given the opportunity to use the testing facilities at the Expiriti Lab.

Our director Mike lectures at the university and, hence, was able to provide students with the opportunity to test their final semester projects in the lab.

Students also got to learn how to use the eye tracking equipment as well as the recording gear and software.

The testing process

Students had designed a prototype for either a responsive website or an app.  They tested the prototype using eye tracking, mobile recordings, screen recordings and even scribers behind a two-way mirror in a soundproof booth.


Discovering the user’s point of view

The testing session opened the eyes of students to the way that users behave and respond.

“The great thing about Usability Testing is that it shows you hiccups in your design that you never would have thought about”  (Melinda, 34, a postgraduate UX student)

“When you’re really close to the design, it’s hard to see issues from a user’s point of view.”

Students were able to view the Usability Testing that was being completed by their peers behind a two-way mirror in the observation room.


Got a product to test?

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