Learn the skills to become an all-round UX Professional

Attain the complete set of essential skills to build upon your existing capabilities or get a start in the UX industry.

Our 10-week UX Professional Accelerator runs on Saturdays from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

What does the program cover?

The accelerator program covers all of our 1-day intensive courses as part of a project-based UX intensive stream.

In addition to all of the learning and practical activities from each intensive, you will be required to produce 3 major portfolio pieces with the assistance of your instructor and tutor.

Who is the Accelerator Program for?

Anyone wanting to learn practical UX research, design and usability testing skills in a practical, inclusive and nurturing environment.

UX Mentoring and industry employment advice?

Our instructors are not just great teachers or academics. They also work on cutting-edge UX research and design projects and offer a wealth of industry experience of not just learning UX skills – but applying them!

At the completion of the program, attendees will get the chance to meet and workshop their UX industry aspirations with our Digital industry partners.

UX portfolios, industry opportunities, networking and interviewing techniques are covered here. But, you can imagine that this is in addition to the robust discussions and banter that will naturally happen each Saturday.

Flexible attendance

While attendance for the full 10 weeks is highly recommended, program attendees have the opportunity to attend make-up classes thoughout the year or on Wednesday evenings should they need to miss one of the Saturday sessions.


The complete 10-week UX Accelerator Program is currently offered at $4,250 AUD.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your UX aspirations, payment plans and group booking discounts.

UX research and design is a very exciting space that we love working within and teaching the skills to others. We look forward to discussing your UX training requirements with you.

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What our past attendees say

Zoe Murray – UX Researcher
“Mike was instrumental to helping me change careers into UX properly. I was still in a transition phase and he offered to mentor me after I had completed the General Assembly UX course. I worked with the Mike and the Expiriti team on a live client project with a start-up. Mike’s incredible mentorship skills helped to take what I knew from my previous career and apply this to UX Research. I will always be grateful for Expiriti providing me with my first opportunity to gain practical experience in UX and giving me the confidence and a platform that I needed.”