Benefits of eye tracking

Eye tracking adds a completely new dimension to measuring the user experience.

It allows us to understand where users fix their gaze on first glance, or perhaps while completing a task, or even seeing where their visual attention lies after presenting them with your main call-to-action.

We’ve combined usability testing and eye tracking for many clients including Transport for NSW, Jurlique, Cuscal, Avant Mutual, and Fusion Factory, to successfully measure and improve the user experience of their products.

What does eye tracking measure?

After an initial calibration with the respondent, our equipment allows us to specify which type of eye gaze patterns to measure. We most commonly track gaze paths, which gives us insight into visual priority and order by presenting the paths that respondents follow when completing a task.

We will also track gaze fixation levels either as raw data or heatmaps, which indicate where the heaviest gaze fixation is occurring on the screen

Our eye tracking equipment is also portable and can be taken to your location to test interfaces, kiosk machines, and much more.

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