User research

Design without user research… is just guessing.

There’s immense value in observing and interviewing people related to your product or service. This happens regularly at our research lab and on customer sites where apply our UX research skills people to observe and record people interacting with a product or service. We also use this as an opportunity to explore related attitudes, behaviours and goals.

Using this research, we help our clients map out complete end-to-end customer journeys. And together, with our clients, we’ll build detailed persona profiles of their customer segments.

Armed with these key insights, our clients (or us!) can confidently design products that they know will resolve friction at one or many stages in their customer’s journey.

User research is critical for a good user experience, but it need not be a long and expensive process. Depending upon the scope of the project, UX research can be completed in just a few days.

Qualitative and generative research

This involves smaller people sample-sizes, and includes face-to-face interviews, contextual enquiry sessions and diary studies.

Qualitative research can generate new data or reveal additional enquiry points to focus on. New assumptions or hypotheses about your audiences will often emerge in generative research.

Quantitative and preference research

Involves larger sample-sizes of people, and includes preference-based or ethnographic studies, as well as fixed-answer surveys and data analytics.

The various tools and techniques we employ help us to test and validate (or rule out!) any assumptions and hypotheses that emerged during the small-sample qualitative research activities.


A data or research-driven approach to UX helps to combat opinion-driven (and sometimes, highly emotion-driven) design decisions.

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